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The Proposed Beni American University

The Proposed Beni American University is a modern liberal arts university being built in the heart of Nigeria with a focus on Software Development, Entrepreneurship Development and Media. Explore the Project Development Milestones, The Proposed Academic Programs and the BAU Venture Lab.


“To provide learning without limitations for everyone regardless of their background while creating hands-on learning experiences and opportunities that will empower them upon their graduation from our institution.” We believe in the relevance of active development and as such, our key focus would be in Research and Development in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology for both our students and our faculty.


We are an institution of higher learning that strongly believes that access to quality education should not be limited by resources, gender or finances. We believe that every Nigerian youth should be well educated and opportunities are created for them beyond the education. We are working towards addressing the issues of Access to Learning, Quality of Learning and Relevance of Learning.


Within a decade, The Proposed Beni American University intend to deliver an innovative learning experience, uniting the capabilities of information technology and academic excellence to create a unique world class institution where the students’ academic, development and post program needs are priority. Learning will be tailored to meet students’ individual needs and learning styles.