The Proposed

Beni American University

The Proposed Beni American University is a modern liberal arts university being built in the heart of Nigeria with a focus on Technology, Entrepreneurship, Business and Media. Explore our Project Development Milestones, The Proposed Academic Programs and the BAU Venture Lab.

Our Ideology

A University Of The Future

BAU is rethinking higher education in Africa and dramatically changing how students think and learn. We are using a combination of technology and traditional methodologies to solve the access, quality and relevance challenges of the university system in Nigeria and Africa.

We are building a world-class learning space where students from across the continent and beyond have unrestricted access to quality learning from seasoned educators who engage them and prepare them to be relevant in their communities and empowering them to change the world around them.

Our goal is to build a University of the Future, focused on skills development,
entrepreneurship and direct access to jobs.

Our Vision

To provide learning without limitations for everyone regardless of their background while creating hands-on learning experiences and opportunities that will empower them upon their graduation from our institution.

Proposed Programs
School of


  • B.Sc. Information Systems Management
  • B.Sc. Software Engineering 
School of


  • B.Sc. Integrated Marketing Communication
  • B.Sc. Public Policy and Diplomacy
School of


  • B.Sc. International Business Management
  • B.Sc. Finance 


Offerings / Schools
Project Updates

We are making progress

We publish periodic updates on our licensing, physical campus construction, milestones, curriculum development, partnerships, grants and other points of excitement that we reach on this journey to build and open our doors to the next generation of African leaders.

March 23, 2015

Job Positions Announcement

May 5, 2013

BAU Campus Project Introduction


Video clips from our Campus Development, Interviews and Events

Purpose Driven Innovation 3:19

Mr. Gossy Ukanwoke discusses the Purpose Driven innovation at BAU with the EY Beacon Institute in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Transforming Your Career 1:20

Learn how we help professionals, executives, graduates and managers transform their careers with our Executive Programs.

CNN African Startup Feature 3:52

The BAU Journey featured on the CNN African Start on CNN International airing globally and via web on

News and Media Features

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Beni American University: Stroll With Gossy Ukanwoke

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